Cherish is a grassroots, activist human rights campaign. We seek a 32 county Irish Republic, where the objectives of the 1916 Proclamation, to ‘Cherish all the Children of the Nation Equally’, are achieved.

We believe that all human life should be protected and that no mother or child should be left behind. We seek to protect the most vulnerable in society at all stages of life. This means that we must also fight for access to housing, healthcare, education and a safety net for those who need it.

To achieve this we need economic justice fuelled by the spark of healthy functional enterprise. Cherish is committed to social responsibility and fiscal responsibility in order to prevent the most vulnerable continuously paying for the boom bust policies of the establishment.

Cherish is a pluralist campaign that welcomes Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter equally. We campaign for balanced spatial planning and regional development. Cherish seeks to support a living Irish Language and Culture throughout the country.


We believe that all human life should be protected. No child should be left behind. The unborn child is an individual living human being


Human Rights are by definition universal and must be enjoyed equally. Right now those Human Rights are under threat.


We believe that the life of the mother must be protected.

We must properly invest in health care for women and children. Invest in Maternity Health Care, not abortion, to ensure that we remain one of the safest places in the world to give birth.


We must enable and empower women in every circumstance. We must empower mothers to bring their sons and daughters to term. We must provide the progressive housing, education and financial supports necessary to help families raise their children.

The Future

The upcoming abortion referendum will determine for 50 years hence whether hundreds of thousands of people live.

Save the Right to Life Amendment

If we, the majority of Republicans find our voice, If we get active now, we can rise to the challenge of the Proclamation; Save the 8th and Cherish All the Children of the Nation Equally.