Cherish all of the Children Equally will be working hard to protect the right to life of all our children during the forthcoming referendum campaign on the 8th Amendment. We believe that the Republican and Progressive voice with be crucial to winning the campaign. We will be combating the falsehood that to be Republican or Progressive is to be pro-abortion. We believe there is a better way than abortion, a more progressive way which values mother and child equally.

Cherish all the Children Equally is fully registered with the Standards in Public Office (SIPO) Commission and to date has been funded by it’s members. So far we have printed and delivered 100,000 leaflets nationally, organised many regional meetings and we intend to follow this up with more literature and events throughout all 32 counties of Ireland. Your gift could help us save lives and re-frame the national debate on what it means to be Republican and Progressive in modern Ireland.

You can donate by transferring a gift directly to our account: IBAN: IE05BOFI90111633878741 BIC: BOFIIE2D or donate online using your credit or debit card via the secure PayPal service by clicking on the button below.