Rape Survivors Silenced by Pro-Choicers

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what good are human rights if you are denied humanity

What good are human rights if you are denied humanity?

Women who have been raped and subsequently had their babies have been silenced by the Pro Choicers. The Gibson Hotel in Dublin has cancelled the public event at which the women were to speak due to an onslaught of abuse by Pro Choicers on social media, by phone and by email.
Two of the women are rape survivors, while one of the speakers was conceived in rape.
This is the second event in a week that has been cancelled by this mob mentality. A doctor and a professor were due to speak on the health effects on the mother
of abortion in the Aisling Hotel in Dublin but the management of the hotel cancelled the event due to the a concerted campaign of abuse via the same media.
Whatever your view on abortion you would have to ask why Pro Choicers are seeking to silence and censor rape victims in advance of the referendum.

Anne McCloskey

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Dr Anne McCloskey is a GP based in Derry. "If we have an idea that we need to 'cherish all the children of the nation equally' then that is what it should actually mean."
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