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Truth is an awkward old thing. You can’t argue with it. You can’t escape it. You can’t change it. It just is. Not liking it or not agreeing with it doesn’t change it either and how you feel about it is irrelevant. People don’t like that, they think truth should temper itself according to sentiment, as if it relies on them in some way to exist. The problem is, today’s world is heavy on emotions and light on facts, heavy on aggression and light on science, heavy on the soundbites and light on logic. About the only way to fight truth is ignore it, pretend it doesn’t exist, or lie about it. Guaranteed, you’re going to see lots of all that over the next few months. And every time someone shuts down debate with soundbites, or hard cases, or the fabricated ‘rights’ of some ideology or another, the response can only be the same; tell the truth, tell it again, tell it till you’re blue in the face. Over and over again the truth needs to shine out like a spotlight and the lies will run for the shadows. In that sense, truth does its own arguing once you put it out there.

The other thing I can guarantee is that there are more people who do not want to repeal the 8th Amendment than there appears to be when you listen to or read the media. Makes you feel like you’re on your own doesn’t it… can’t keep up, not progressive enough, isolated and backward, keep your head down. Yeah… that’s called bullying. There are lots of people who want the 8th Amendment kept, with very good reason, and it’s darn well ok to come out and say that that’s where you stand. It’s hardly an indefensible position. The more people who wear the colours, the more the bullies get wobbly knees. Put your heart on your sleeve for this cause.

Here’s a little slice of truth, from a letter to the Irish Examiner earlier in the week:

“Firstly, each and every procured abortion is a deliberate, direct intervention to end an actual human life.

Secondly, that intervention is, of its nature, an act of lethal violence against an innocent and defenceless human being, an act now inexplicably being promoted by groups purporting to promote human rights.

Thirdly, the repeal of the 8th Amendment will remove all constitutional protection from infants in utero right up to birth.

Finally, any legislation proposed by the Government will be no more than that: proposed legislation. Such legislation may never be enacted, and if it is, it can be changed without any further reference to the people”.

The decision facing the Irish people very soon needs to be a decision based on the common good, not the hard story. Based on facts, not ideologies. Based on an affirmative, truly progressive, value system. And informed by looking at other countries who made this decision in the past and are now totting up how many millions of dead babies they accrued along with quite a few dead mothers. This is not medicine or science or healthcare. This is an ideologically driven, misinformed lie, supported by a vapid media echo chamber, foreign money, and lack of debate. The antidote is the same as always; the truth. Keep telling it.

Léan Nic Chomhaill

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Léan is a wife and mother. "There is some good in this world and it's worth fighting for" -- J.R.R. Tolkien
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